Up in the sky!

This week I had a request for a chocolate cake for a 6 months old baby girl.

I was sked to make  something with lots of chocolate and lots of pink so this is where I started from: 

White chocolate cake and vanilla bean dark chocolate ganache (lots of it!)..

First I covered the cake in ganache and smooth it really well, as this shape is the one you will see after the cake is covered in fondant (imperfections included). Also, the smoother the ganache the less chance to get air bubbles…the enemy!

At this point the cake looked like this:

I covered it in sugar fondant and finished the second tier, a styrofoam one.

The cake was ordered by the best friend of the parents, who wanted them to keep a memory of this present, so in this case there is nothing better than a styrofoam top tier: the figurines also dry hard and it can last for ages!

Then I let everything set hard overnight….tadaaaaan! this is the final result!

The day after I have applied the balloons, piped the clouds and painted the foot prints.

After a few hours I have painted the clouds in pearl white and brushed the baloons with piping gel to make them shiny (you can’t actually see it on this picture).

Then I finally inserted the baby elephant figurine..

All done!! I had such a great time making this cake, I hope they will enjoy it too!

Do you like it?


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