I just came back to Sweden after a week home…or I should say after a week at Eataly!

Eataly is an amazing new establishment in’s all about great, real Italian food and products….yes, paradise.

I know there are a few around the world already, but believe it or not, we have never had anything like this before in Rome (italians are not very good at making the most of their amazing resources in fact..). So that is a good reason to love it.

The second good reason is that it has been built in this huge and useless building that used to be a train station in the 90’s and then it was left abandoned for over a decade. YAY!

The third reason to love it is that in 4 floors you basically find anything you might desire to taste while in Italy….And I bet  your list here, is as long as mine!

I took  a million pictures. I am going to try to pick the most significant ones…

WARNING! If you are on a diet, stop reading now!

Starting with Piadina Romagnola…a sort of tortilla (but with extra lard of course) filled with the most amazing cheeses and cold meats of your choice, or with real chocolate spread from Piemonte… I had a couple for dinner.

Right in front, there is the ice cream corner….

It’s a soft ice cream, frozen the second it comes out of the machine…It is made with real, italian, first choice products and the milk used comes from cows that produce mostly meat, so it is extremely tasty and amazing..worth the 50 cents extra for the whipped cream.

Walking around there was hand made candies..

preserved fruit with real fruit…

pasta,produced the old fashioned way.. (in the picture you can see only about 1/10 of the pasta selection)

rice, all italian..(again take this picture and multiply by 10!!)

and just around the corner the biggest selection of tomato sauce I’ve ever seen!

..with real tomatos of course!!!

What else do you ned to make a great pasta? Oh yes, olive oil..

and if you are not an expert, here’s a little help:

There is also a market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables:

..and dairy, which all comes from farms around Rome, to reduce pollution and educate the customer to eat local..

As well as cheeses, meat, cured meats, fish…

At this point I was already thinking that I could have easily lived there for at least a couple of years…especially when I saw this..

but then, I saw the coolest thing ever!!! EVER!!

A self-service milk bar.

real, raw milk… The cow makes it, the farmer fills the machine with it, you insert the coin and press the green button.  It’s like the milk man+technology.. Amazing!! The glass bottle costs 50 cents and of course, it can be reused forever. The milk tasted like real milk, like childhood, like country side….so romantic!

Also, it explained there that the farm isn’t an extensive one, it is small and the cows are meat ones, so they are not forced to produce much more milk than what they normally would. Happy days!

Everywhere there’s restaurants that serve anything you can imagine…from mozzarella (made right there), to fish.

And the pizzeria really deserved a chance to surprise me… Look at this oven!!

I wish I was strong enough to stop and take a picture of the pizza when I got it……I wish.

I took it after, though!!!

The beer of course was also italian and produced using traditional methods…

So was the wine, which I had for “aperitivo” ..

The staff is incredibly helpful and they really learn a lot about what they are selling…Like this guy, at the wine section:

“Feel free to ask..I drunk them all!”…Uhm…I guess experience is the best way of learning!

He was so nice and kind, I thought he deserved a front view too!

In this massive place they take care of anything that concerns food, so they also have a book shop and all kitchen equipment, as well as classrooms where they organize cooking and wine classes.

Most of the shops sell what they produce right there, in front of you…like the fresh pasta for example..

made right there, and then sold.

or the bread:

Aren’t you in love too?!?!?!

Ok, I think I have to stop posting pictures now, but seriously, there was so much too see!

And if ou are wondering how much time did I spend there….don’t ask. Really. But if you really want to know, the only possible answer is…not enough!

So, are you packing your bags yet?


What do you think about it? I would like to hear from you!

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