Oh, Corfu!

I LOVE holidays! (ahah!!)

I just came back from Corfu. Really, I didn’t have a lot of expectations, I thought it was going to be just a very cheap holiday….well it turned out to be a fantastic one!!!!

First of all, we had booked for the cheapest car and found this one waiting for us at the airport:

oh yes, it helped!

The hotel was simple and cheap but really much more than you would expect from a 2* hotel. We were staying in Benitses, an area that used to be the english holiday one and now that the english moved to Kavos it is a bit abandoned, full of closed bars and hotels….it’s kind of sad, but on the other hand is good that the greeks try to preserve their island.

The first night I tried the fish spa.

I heard that in England is pretty common already, but in Italy is something you only see in fashion magazines…. I loved it! I have tried one in Corfu town after that but the fishes look sad and almost dead, I didn’t like that at all…The one in Benitses is owned by a lovely english lady that loves the little fishes a lot and treats them well…Much much better!

With our cool car we went pretty much everywhere, we discovered amazing beaches like this one for example:

Avlaki Beach, not really crowded and really beautiful……

I spent my 29th brithday in Corfu, it was a great one!

We went to Paleokastritsa in the morning and then, trying to go somewhere else, we got lost..it was funny but we got a bit worried when at one point the road started to look like this:

no way of going back…luckily we had full insurance on the car! Getting lost is the best way of discovering new places though, and look what we have found…an incredible bar with a view!

This is me sipping a frappe coffee (very popular in greece) with Baileys… oh yes, tough life!

Greece is also famous for simple but very tasty food…..no need to tell that I did my best to eat as much as possible! first on the list of favourites, the evergreen greek salad:

then all the super sweet cakes like baklava……

to die for……and even if they are really sweet, and outside is 40 degrees, they are always good….

then, of course souvlaki, nice and light (yeah, right!), especially with chips in it…

put this together with the 100 portions of saganaki (fried cheese, OMG good) I managed to eat in a week and get an idea of the diet I followed!!

There are two things I loved particularly and I didn’t know:

Greek basil is different than the italian one.

It is very aromatic and it has got hints of cloves, cinnamon and all spice. It would be interesting to use it in a chocolate praline!

And the other one is called orange halva:

it is a cake made with semolina and orange juice and zest. Really tasty and fresh.

Not only the beaches are worth exploring..Corfu’ town is also really pretty, in fact it is an UNESCO site.

Full of picturesque corners, is really worth a visit. By day..

and by night:

The best thing about Greece though, is definitely the atmosphere. Relax, take it easy, your are on holidays…everyone repeats it, like a mantra, until you actually believe it. And it works for everybody:

..nap, anyone?


What do you think about it? I would like to hear from you!

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