A stroke of genius – un colpo di genio

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Today I want to share with you the experience I had at L’Eclair de Génie by Christophe Adam.


I have been wanting to visit this pastry shop for the whole year I spent in Paris, because I really love the concept and I have been thinking about doing something similar in the future for quite a while.

I finally had the time to go when I left my job at La pâtisserie des rêves and I had a few free days before leaving.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but I was the only customer in the shop, I wasn’t really sure I could take pictures and, even though the sales assistant said it was ok, she kept looking at me with a “are you going to buy anything at some point?” look……so yes, I didn’t manage to take nice pictures at all.

Christophe Adam opened this shop after working for Fauchon, and, as a matter of fact, in terms of style they still have a lot in common.

I am a big fan of Fauchon (aesthetically speaking), so I really love Adam’s style too.

Here is a close up of the flavours available that day (more horrible pics! ):

I thought they were a bit small, so despite the 30 °C outside I decided to buy 3. And of course I couldn’t resist more that 2 minutes, so I ate them right away.


I chose mascarpone and salted butter caramel, raspberry and dark chocolate, vanilla and caramelized pecan nuts.

So, I loved the way they looked, especially the raspberry one: the pastry was red and the icing was pearly and glazed on the top…it looked like a jewel!

On the other hand, the chocolate cream wasn’t chocolatey enough…not even by far.

The other two were probably less pretty but really nice, I especially loved the fact that the vanilla cream wasn’t that sweet..It made it so, so easy to eat…that if I could go back in time I would probably eat 2 o 3 more!

I found the pastry good and soft, but honestly I thought it would have been spectacular, especially considering that all they do is eclairs…..well, it was good, but it didn’t have a WOW factor.

I was hoping to find the art collection, but unfortunately they had already stopped it. Anyway this is what it looked like:

How cool is that?

If you find yourself in Paris, go and have an eclair, because all in all, L’Eclair de Génie is a real troke of genius!

Oggi voglio raccontarvi la mia esperienza a L’Eclair de Génie di Christophe Adam.


Ho avuto in mente di andarci per tutto l’anno che ho passato a Parigi, perchè mi piace davvero il concetto e poi ho un’idea simile che vorrei realizzare in futuro.

Sono riuscita ad andarci solo una volta finito il lavoro a La pâtisserie des rêves e ho avuto qualche giorno libero prima di ripartire.

Le foto sono davvero terribili, quindi non le ripeterò! 🙂


Christophe Adam ha aperto questo negozio dopo aver lavorato per Fauchon, e infatti, in termini di estetica, hanno molto in comune.

Io sono una grande fan del design di Fauchon, per cui adoro anche lo stile di Adam.







Erano abbastanza piccoli, così, nonostante i 30 °C, ho deciso di comprarne 3. E ovviamente non sono riuscita a resistere più di 2 minuti..quindi li ho mangiati immediatamente!


H scelto mascarpone e caramello al burro salato, lampone e cioccolato fondente, e vaniglia e noci pecan caramellizzate.

D’aspetto li ho trovati meravigliosi, soprattutto quello al lampone: la pasta era rossa e la glassa perlata e lucida….sembrava un gioiello!

D’altro canto la crema al cioccolato non era abbastanza cioccolatosa….davvero per niente.

Gli altri due erano invece più semplici in termini estetici ma davvero buoni, ho soprattutto apprezzato il fatto che la crema alla vaniglia non fosse troppo dolce, li rendeva incredibilmente facili da mangiare..tanto che se tornassi indietro nel tempo ne mangerei altri 2 o 3!

La pasta era buona e morbida, ma sinceramente mi aspettavo qualcosa di davvero spettacolare, considerato che qui si producono solo eclair…era buona ma non meravigliosa.

Speravo di trovare anche la collezione arte ma purtroppo l’avevano già interrotta. Comunque ecco di cosa si trattava:

Fantastico, no?

Se vi trovate a Parigi, andate a mangiare un eclair, perchè, tutto considerato, L’Eclair de Génie è davvero un colpo di genio!


4 thoughts on “A stroke of genius – un colpo di genio

  1. I just posted about my own sweet-eating in Paris and uhhhh your photos are making me hungry (and nostalgic for France!). I went to Eclair de Genie and was super impressed. I also tried 3 and I honestly could have eaten ten! I ordered first and then asked if I could take photos – they were nice about it!


    • Yesthey were nice indeed, I think it just felt weird because I was the only customer in the shop and I was feeling quite “observed” 🙂
      You know, I lived in Paris for a while and sometimes I feel a bit nostalgic too, especially, as a pastry chef, I know there’s no other place like it, but life goes on and I hope the future will have a lot of surprises for me! Thank’s for passing by, I’m going to check out your post right away!


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